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Welcome to our website. We invite you to read articles by our members and engage in dialogue with us regardless of your stance. With a click of the mouse you can read our statement of belief, learn more about us as an organization, and come to know the individuals who make up our community. If you are a reparations supporter, our activist community is ready to discuss with you how to build white support for reparations in your area. We also invite you to join CURE, and most importantly, donate to the diverse Black-led initiatives. So come on in, look around and participate. We are a reparations education and advocacy organization made up of ordinary men and women, young and old, who believe that a just world is the best world for all.

Statement of Belief


We state that the U.S. Government is obligated to provide financial and other support for citizenship choices of the descendants of enslaved Africans, whether they choose full and equal U.S. citizenship, semi-autonomous or autonomous self-government, dual citizenship or migration/repatriation.

We call upon the families of the white American aristocracy that directly benefited from slavery to voluntarily pay their fair share of the reparations debt with wealth gained from slavery, the slave trade, and slavery related enterprises.

CURE Rises to Meet Historical Opportunity


As the economic structure in the U.S. and around the world trembles and crumbles, and as we watch the nation's first Black president try to deal with this frightening reality, we know, and the U.S. President knows, that Black people are once again the first hit and the hardest hit by these hard times.



CURE, Caucasians United for Reparations and Emancipation, was founded and incorporated in 1992. Since that time it has established a body of written work and a reputation for sincerity, tenacity and passion in its reparations advocacy efforts. At its origin, CURE saw itself as continuing the work begun by white Abolitionists.

Executive Board


The Executive Board of CURE is made up of the CEO and the Directors of various departments. All members of the Board are volunteers serving without compensation.

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