CURE, Caucasians United for Reparations and Emancipation, was founded and incorporated in 1992. Since that time it has established a body of written work and a reputation for sincerity, tenacity and passion in its reparations advocacy efforts. At its origin, CURE saw itself as continuing the work begun by white Abolitionists. The founders believed that the holocaust of enslavement, beginning with the trans-Atlantic slave trade more than 400 years ago, has not yet ended, and it will not reach an end until full and complete reparations are paid to the descendants of the enslaved Africans. Thus the organization name calls for both reparations and emancipation.

Photo of CURE members Ferrell Winfree and Ida Hakim with talk show host Eddie Read, Elder Erline Arikpo and Ajani Mukarram of AFRE taken in Chicago at the conclusion of a reparations seminar co-sponsored by CURE and N'COBRA, 1994.

The recommendation to establish an organization of white supporters came from a black reparations leader, Mr. Silis Muhammad. Upon receiving the recommendation, Ms. Hakim took up the task and began to locate white persons who were connected in some way with the black community. From the beginning, CURE members of different ages, from different backgrounds, with religious and ideological differences, in support of different black leaders or black organizations, came together and worked together with reparations as the unifying factor.

In their personal lives, CURE members work in many ways to oppose white privilege, to combat racism and to advocate full and complete reparations. The organization CURE is a place where these supporters of reparations can connect with each other and learn from each other's experience as they work toward creating a more just world.

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