Amanda Furness

Journalist, scholar and film maker Amanda Furness grew up immersed in Black culture and community, and because of this was able to witness the rights abuses and degradations inflicted upon Afro-descendants. This experience has gifted her with insight into the nature of racism and with a cleaner heart and mind, birthing a desire to acquire justice for Black people and to bring an end to white supremacist rule in the process. These efforts constitute her passion and a huge chunk of her purpose, and she works on a continual basis to achieve them.

Furness has co-authored a widely-circulated working paper on Afro-descendant quality of life, has written a novel examining related issues and is currently filming a documentary about rights abuses against Afrodescendants.

Before returning to college in 2005, Furness spent several years working for the Louisiana Weekly, a black-owned newspaper in New Orleans, Louisiana. She has also worked for the Savannah Morning News in Savannah, Georgia and the Madison Press in Ohio, where she won two Associated Press awards for her crime coverage.

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