Hugh Esco

Hugh Esco is principally active with the Georgia Green Party, which he helped found, and for whom he has run for public office four times: twice state-wide for Lieutenant Governor and twice for the Georgia General Assembly. He served four one year terms as the Secretary of the state Party (until 2001), and then as Executive Director and Political Coordinator for the Party, until 2004. He used his last three campaigns to address the urgent need to 'de-institutionalize racism in our culture'.

Since late 2005, he is a founding partner of which provides web hosting, IT development and support services to Green Parties, their campaigns and candidates and to other progressive minded organizations. is proud to provide hosting to the CURE website. He has participated multiple times since 1990 in the Undoing Racism workshops offered by the People's Institute for Survival and Beyond. He credits the training of the People's Institute with whatever effectiveness he has enjoyed in his work for racial justice. Since participating in that training he has long worked to raise issues of racism and skin privilege in the white communities in which he organizes, and to build effective cross-the-color line coalitions among Greens and others.

He currently serves on the campaign staff of the Power to the People Committee, Cynthia McKinney for President 2008 campaign.

Hugh has been active with CURE since 2001, supporting our work with organizational development, participating in crafting its Supreme Court Amicus brief in the corporate resititution lawsuit brought by the Restitution Study Group and presenting on panels for CURE.

Most recently he joined CURE's Speakers Bureau and is available to address groups on issues related to white people's work to deconstruct racism in our communities and on the crying need for reparations in our nation. Hugh believes that the work of CURE is vital to any just future possible for our nation.

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