Ida Hakim: Donor Guide for White Supporters of Black Reparations



Organizations that make up the reparations movement need financial support, but since the movement is so diverse, made up of organizations that do not necessarily think alike, it becomes difficult for white supporters to know the best way to donate. Should a contributor give to the initiative most often mentioned in the media, or the one that has a familiar political strategy, or the one most far-reaching in its concern, or the one that seems the most (or least) socialistic, or the one that seems the most (or least) nationalistic, or even the one that seems the least threatening?

Years ago CURE established principles for white supporters in our Statement of Belief. Paragraph 4 states: "We support and advocate reparations proposals put forward by Black leaders, recognizing that white Americans have no part in deciding what is required to repair and restore the descendants of enslaved Africans individually and collectively, and that these decisions belong to Black people alone." The reality is, if white people direct contributions toward only one initiative they will potentially disadvantage others. CURE has been mindful of this fact for good reason.


Historically, white Americans have intentionally co-opted Black movements in their own self-interest. It is our history; let's acknowledge it. White privilege has made us accustomed to co-opting. Additionally, our government is guilty of outright sabotage of Black movements and more. For these reasons, CURE has taken the position of non-interference and has made it a part of our Statement of Belief.

We hope that individuals, churches and organizations joining in support of reparations will keep in mind the fact that this great movement can bring justice only if it fully belongs to the people who have been wronged. The reparations movement is our chance to get it right.


Over the years our desire to help has been welcomed and appreciated as long as we conduct ourselves within certain parameters.

In 1992 the CEO of AFRE, Mr. Silis Muhammad, invited us to organize and support the reparations movement. We did so, offering our support to him and to other reparations leaders. Sometimes a leader would invite us to support a certain project or help in a specific way. At other times we would be reminded that our work should be primarily within white America. We have worked hard, helping when we are able, when asked, while doing our primary work within white America.

We've seen that as white people come into awareness of the injustices of slavery and its aftermath, they often feel a desire to contribute financially. We encourage them to donate, and at the same time we understand their confusion about how to give. With this in mind, as difficult as the task may be, CURE has undertaken to provide a Donor Guide.

Donor Guide

Below you will find a list of reparations organizations. The list begins with those that we have worked with and it continues with organizations we have met or corresponded with. We know many of the leaders of these groups. We have seen how much they have sacrificed of themselves and how much they have pulled from their own pockets to support the work. Check the websites to see which organizations accept contributions online and if contributions are tax-exempt. We do not provide information on organizations that do not have a website.

We ask that you:
1) Divide your contribution between several of the organizations listed.
2) Give freely with no desire to determine how your gift is used.
3) Put your own opinions, religion and politics aside and trust in the people who are conducting this great movement for justice.

All For Reparations and Emancipation AFRE - international work for restoration and reparations

Restitution Study Group - legal action for corporate restitution

National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America N'COBRA - two funds, one for the national organization and one for legal action

New Panther Vanguard Movement - reparation is part of this organization's platform

Sankofa Repatriation Movement - Afrikan mysticism with reparations and repatriation in their platform

Global Afrikan Congress - international work for reparations and Diaspora unity

National Black United Front - coalition with reparation as part of their platform

Reparations Central - operates an online reparations clearinghouse

International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement - reparation is part of this organization's platform

African People's Socialist Party - reparation is part of this organization's platform

Millions for Reparations & December 12th Movement - international work for reparations and local action

Self Determination Committee - legal action and information

White Supporters

Caucasians United for Reparations and Emancipation CURE - reparations advocacy and education on the ongoing effects of slavery and white privilege

African People's Solidarity Committee - operates under African People's Socialist Party with reparations a part of their platform


We're sure there are other organizations working toward reparations that we are unfamiliar with and we apologize to those we have not included. If any organization feels they should be included, we ask them to send their request and their website link to us at If any organization does not want to be included on this list please inform us and we'll quickly comply.