We encourage all Communities of Faith to go into their archives and make transparent their own history with regard to slavery, segregation, racism, discrimination and white privilege. We encourage faith communities to study the true effects of slavery on today's society, both black and white. On the Resources for Faith Communities page we offer information that may be helpful to faith communities as they take up this crucial spiritual task. We will also post on this page information that communities share with us as they discuss, contemplate, and take to heart the role, within the reparations movement, that their beliefs require of them.

One of the resources that we hope will be helpful to Communities of Faith is our Donor Guide. We encourage faith communities to donate, and at the same time we understand confusion about how to give. Ouf Donor Guide offers our best guidance in that area.

If you would like to know more about the Unitarian Universalist Truth, Reconciliation, and Repair initiative, you may contact CURE member Minton Brooks.

Most importantly, we invite representatives of all denominations to send e-mail to Ms. Ferrell Winfree, Director of CURE Christian Outreach. If your church or organization is discussing how to take a stand on reparations, if you have taken a stand and would like to share with us what you are doing, if you are interested in contributing and would like to speak with someone, if you have resources for faith communities that we could make available - please contact Ms. Winfree and let us know your concerns.