Justice as a Way of Life

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Molly Secours

As a writer/speaker/filmmaker/activist, Molly Secours has been called an "uncompromising fighter for racial equity and social justice". Since 1995, Ms. Secours' writings have been published by over 50 mainstream and internet magazines and newspapers. She has appeared on numerous radio and television talk shows to discuss issues of racism, white privilege and reparations for slavery.

Amanda Furness

Journalist, scholar and film maker Amanda Furness grew up immersed in Black culture and community, and because of this was able to witness the rights abuses and degradations inflicted upon Afro-descendants. This experience has gifted her with insight into the nature of racism and with a cleaner heart and mind, birthing a desire to acquire justice for Black people and to bring an end to white supremacist rule in the process.

Jerry Saltzman

I have worked for the past twenty years addressing issues of oppression directed at a variety of groups as a social justice advocate, in my clinical practice as a psychotherapist and in my university teaching At present I am focusing this work within the context of a counseling psychology program devoted to training graduate students in psychology to become therapists.

Jeff Hitchcock

Jeff Hitchcock co-founded the Center for the Study of White American Culture in 1995 and continues today as Executive Director. In 2003, under his guidance, the Center started the White Anti-racist Community Action Network, an online community of more than 1,200 members.

Ferrell Winfree

Ferrell Winfree has worked for many years to battle racism in her East Tennessee home. In addition to organizing several successful community actions, Ms. Winfree founded Reaching Hands and participated in other education and anti racism initiatives.

Minton Brooks

As a leader of the Unitarian Universalist white antiracists organization Allies for Racial Equity (ARE), CURE member Minton Brooks has helped launch a 'Truth, Reconciliation, and Repair' initiative within the UU faith community.

Hugh Esco

Hugh Esco is principally active with the Georgia Green Party, which he helped found, and for whom he has run for public office four times: twice state-wide for Lieutenant Governor and twice for the Georgia General Assembly. He served four one year terms as the Secretary of the state Party (until 2001), and then as Executive Director and Political Coordinator for the Party, until 2004. He used his last three campaigns to address the urgent need to 'de-institutionalize racism in our culture'.

Larry Yates

Larry Yates's day job is organizing for the Virginia Organizing Project. While VOP takes no position on reparations, it is actively anti-racist. Larry staffs one of its statewide campaigns, working to reduce racial profiling in the state. A multi-racial committee has met with state officials, worked for legislation, and gained credibility for the issue.

Donna Lamb

Donna Lamb is a journalist and anti-racism activist who holds deeply-felt convictions about the injustice of this society to people of color and her responsibility as a white person to do everything she can to rectify it. She attempts to stand by her convictions in her writing, teaching, and in her everyday private life.

Dorothy Fardan

Sojourner Truth Farm School & Center for Human growth was founded in 1993 by Dr. Dorothy Blake Fardan as the fulfillment of a long-lived dream to enable youth to experience the peace and beauty of being in a rural area and living close to the natural order, as she had experienced in growing up on a farm in Kentucky.

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