Justice as a Way of Life

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Elizabeth Gordon

Elizabeth K. Gordon is a writer who employs her narrative skills to tell the stories that open hearts and change minds. Her most recent book is Walk with Us: Triplet Boys, their Teen Parents and Two White Women who Tagged Along. It recounts the true story of her now ten year long experience of forging multicultural family in North Philadelphia.

Ida Hakim

As a committed reparationist, a good portion of Ida Hakim's everyday life is taken up with the work of CURE. In addition to CURE, she has worked for many years on the international front-line of the reparations battle, in support of human rights, recognition of identity, reparations and restoration of Afro-descendants. www.AllForReparations.org

Our Community

Most would agree that CURE is a unique organization undertaking a work of great magnitude. While we are proud of the work of the organization, in "Justice as a Way of Life" we invite the public to look beyond our organization and see the work that CURE members are doing as individuals, in their daily lives. Reparations, social justice, white privilege, racism, racial discrimination, white supremacy, the distribution of wealth and the legacy of slavery - these subjects are being brought to the forefront by teachers, researchers, writers, filmmakers and leaders who are also members of CURE. We are pleased to highlight these efforts with a brief deseciption of the areas of work and links to websites, blogs, articles and other writings.

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